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Urine luck, Sawbones fans: Justin and Sydnee wrote a book, and we've got the exclusive

Photo: Weldon Owen Publishing

Fans of medical history and/or the McElroy family of podcasts are already familiar with Sawbones, the podcast where Justin “Houston’s Native Son” McElroy interrupts his wife, actual medical doctor Dr. Sydnee McElroy, as they explore the bizarre, misguided, sometimes totally disgusting history of how medical practitioners through the ages have attempted to cure everything from headaches (drilling a hole in a patient’s head used to be a big one) to erectile dysfunction (try rubbing ground-up baby alligator heart on it?).

Now, The A.V. Club is pleased to exclusively announce that Sawbones is being adapted into a book. The Sawbones Book: The Horrifying, Hilarious Road To Modern Medicine covers dozens of topics, interweaving useful information—mostly about how not to treat common ailments—with goofy humor in the podcast’s signature conversational style. The topics in the book are organized into four categories: “The Unnerving,” “The Gross,” “The Weird,” and “The Awesome,” and when we got the offer to premiere a few pages, we just had to go with something gross.


All of which is to say that you can check out the cover of the Sawbones book below, along with an exclusive excerpt about the many ways urine has been used in medicine over the millennia. You can pre-order The Sawbones Book: The Horrifying, Hilarious Road To Modern Medicine now, ahead of its release on on October 9; new episodes of Sawbones are posted every week on your podcatcher of choice, as well as on the Maximum Fun website.

Photo: Weldon Owen Publishing

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