Credit: David McNew / Staff / Getty

Clearly having grown restless from standing still for so long during the Mannequin Challenge, attention-hungry internet users have taken to storming people’s private property for an easy two points. It’s called the Drive-By Dunk Challenge and it’s coming to a driveway near you whether or not you have invited it. While other “viral challenges” may have complex premises or rules, this one keeps it fairly simple. All you need is a basketball in your car at all times and youthful sense of whimsy. If you see a hoop, dunk on it. Oh, and make sure somebody films it:

In addition to being a relatively harmless intrusion onto people’s property, this viral craze takes minimal athletic ability depending on the height of the hoop. Of course, there’s always the off chance you’ll roll your ankle in a desperate search for likes and retweets.


The Drive-By Dunk Challenge has gained so much traction that the Pelicans’ Anthony Davis (brought to you by Red Bull) is even joining in.


If this viral sensation follows the same path as its predecessors, the Drive-By Dunk Challenge will be prominently featured on next week’s Ellen and then you’ll likely never hear about it again. Get your dunks in while they’re still fresh.

[via UPROXX]