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Urban Outfitters now just jamming packs of old VHS tapes together and selling them for 40 bucks

Photo: Julie Thurston Photography (Getty Images)

Once again fulfilling its duty as the place to shop for the man who has everything—except some random bullshit you assembled during a $10 day trip to Goodwill—Urban Outfitters unleashed its latest uber-trendy bit of nostalgic home decor this week: Random assortments of old VHS tapes, stuffed into 5-packs and sold for 40 human dollars. Bundled together under the artsy-sounding “Studiohouse Designs” label, it’s not clear whether you’re supposed to actually watch The Waterboy and Office Space on your prehistoric VHS system (sold separate), or if you’re just supposed to prominently display them in order to wow any date likely to be impressed that you own a copy of A Night At The Roxbury in its original wrapping.

Urban Outfitters assures fans that each pack—whether it’s ’90s Comedy, Horror, ’80s Romance, Sci-fi, or ’00s Rom-Com—will be “unique,” ensuring that you’ll have a specially curated collection of a bunch of bullshit that some low-level employee picked up at random from out back of old, abandoned Blockbuster. For what it’s worth, we did a quick Amazon search for the five films featured in their sample ’90s comedy pack—the three aforementioned movies, plus Heathers and National Lampoon’s Vacation, neither of which are from the ’90s, but hey, whatever—and checked to see how much they’d run you on their own: About $22, although those $3 copies of Office Space are apparently going pretty fast.


Of course, buying them individually would deny you the chance to make a real conversation piece out of your purchase—especially if you’re looking to have a conversation that starts with, “So, I really enjoy wasting my money on overpriced trash.”

[via Consequence Of Sound]

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