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Upright Citizens Brigade presents “The Kid In Every Wes Anderson Movie”

Wes Anderson movies are easy targets for mockery. The director’s various quirks and repeated obsessions, the hyper-precise way his characters talk and the ’70s-vintage-but-set-in-the-modern-day way they dress, can all invite a lot of potentially mean-spirited jokes. That’s what makes this video, produced by the Upright Citizens Brigade as part of their “Characters Welcome” series, such a delight. The “Kid In Every Wes Anderson Movie” (here played by Matthew Starr) pokes fun at just about every one of Anderson’s movies, both specificallyreferencing Margot Tenenbaum’s wooden finger or Max Fischer’s friendship with a wealthy middle-aged industrialistand more generally, with the pink-hued backgrounds and the use of simple yellow text. But it clearly does it from a place of affection, and with an eye for detail that turns the video into a love letter—or, at least, narrated love telegram—for Anderson’s strange, lovely worlds.

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