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After deciding yesterday that it was quite finished with anyone tied to that stuffy old Office that it’s finally shuttering next week, NBC’s pilot pickups are heading in a fresher, more untested, tied-to-hits-with-only-one-or-three-seasons-under-their-belts-ier direction. Deadline reports that Believe and About A Boy, the latest from J.J. Abrams and Jason Katims, respectively, are among the first new series (that don’t star Michael J. Fox/the DeLorean that can return to the Must-See TV glory days) ordered by The Peacock for its 2013-14 season. They join Crisis, from Life creator Rand Ravich, as well as efforts from Better Off Ted’s Victor Fresco (an untitled comedy starring that young buck Sean Hayes) and Bent writer-producer DJ Nash (Family Guide). Given the pedigrees of those last two, expect them to be wry, keenly observed, character-based candidates for your new favorite show that won’t exceed their initial episode order and will inevitably be shuttled to midseason. But hey: Maybe Jason Katims will do for About A Boy what he did for a pair of other mostly forgotten, didn’t-see-it-in-the-theater-but-wouldn’t-skip-it-on-cable movies!


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