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UPDATED: “We don’t make mistakes,” Trump says before making mistake

Photo: Getty Images/Pool

Sometimes it’s almost too easy. Our endlessly blustering commander in chief, who believes his every action is further proof of his own indomitable excellence, loves to talk. Put him on stage or in front of a camera and the fucker will just keep going, winding over the same points, losing the thread, circling back, enraging himself, contradicting himself, and finally landing with some sort of insult based on his perceived set of enemies. And while this generally creates hosts of contradictions between his actions and his deeds, or even his words and his other words, rarely is that disconnect on such clear display as it is in this clip from C-SPAN.


Goddamnit, Donald. There’s something even more majestic about the fact that he is talking about live TV here. Afterward, he presumably accused the camera person of being fake news and made Chuck apologize for not being Ken.

UPDATE: Some things are too good to be true. As Death And Taxes points out, the man Trump’s left was named Kenneth Canterbury, but he does go by Chuck, sort of inexplicably. But even he was correct, the seeming gaff has been scrubbed from the record.

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