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As Donald Trump displays his leadership abilities by throwing a $500 million legal temper tantrum, the people that work for him have decided that, while they were fine with participating in an antiquated ritual that—no matter how much it protests to the contrary—reinforces the notion that women are most valuable for their looks, they can’t get down with this “Mexican immigrants are criminals” shit.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Miss USA pageant co-hosts Cheryl Burke and Thomas Roberts have both stepped down from their posts, both in response to NBC’s decision to end its business relationship with Trump over his comments about Mexican immigrants. This comes after Roselyn Sanchez and Cristian de la Fuente, co-hosts of the Spanish-language simulcast of the event, also quit in the wake of their parent network, Univision, dumping the big orange jagoff from its roster.


Of course, without NBC and Univision, there isn’t much of a telecast left to host, so the gesture was largely symbolic. All other NBCU talent involved with the pageants is expected to jump ship as well, and Mexico has announced that it will not be sending a representative to the Trump-owned Miss Universe pageant this year. They join most of the world in no longer caring about beauty pageants.

UPDATE: A rep for the Miss USA pageant now tells Deadline that, in lieu of a TV broadcast, the pageant will be live streamed on the Miss USA website. No hosts have been announced for the significantly downsized event.

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