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UPDATED: The voice of Charlie Brown was arrested for stalking and death threats, because grief is never good

Unflattering lights, please: Peter Robbins, a former child actor known for being the original voice of Charlie Brown, was arrested over the weekend on four felony counts of making a threat to cause death or great bodily injury and one single felony count of stalking, because grief is never good. Grief is harsh and horrid, particularly when it’s for your childhood. Like the anguished "AAUGH!" unleashed upon learning that the now 56-year-old Robbins—who was just 9 years old when he was first cast as Charlie Brown, starring in beloved Peanuts specials like A Charlie Brown Christmas and It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown—is accused of stalking and threatening to hurt and/or kill somebody, leading to a warrant for his arrest that surfaced when Robbins attempted to cross from Mexico back into San Diego on Sunday.

A spokesperson for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said, “Wah wah wah wahhh wahhh, wah wah wahhhh.” Robbins was urged to seek psychiatric help. He got a rock, then allegedly threatened to kill someone with it. Here’s the World War I Flying Ace, shooting down the last vestiges of your innocence. Childhood is a football, an illusion just waiting to be yanked away. And so on.


UPDATE: The San Diego Union-Tribune has now hung the giant, weighty ornament of full details on this sad little tree of a story, reporting that Robbins was accused of two separate threats against a La Jolla plastic surgeon and a San Diego police sergeant. The first, more horrible charge came after Robbins allegedly, repeatedly called Dr. Lori Saltz and sent her notes saying he would "break her in half" because he was displeased with plastic surgery she'd performed on his former girlfriend, leading Saltz to seek a restraining order. The second arose after Robbins skipped out on paying his tab at the La Jolla Hotel restaurant, was arrested for it, then threatened to harm the police sergeant who handcuffed him.

And in case this story is not depressing enough, Saltz also says Robbins has terminal cancer, speculating that his behavior could be because the cancer has metasticized in his brain.

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