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UPDATED: The date of Ice Cube’s “good day” now confirmed (maybe)

In the nearly 19 years since the song’s release, amazingly, no one had figured out exactly which day Ice Cube was talking about in his hit single “Today Was A Good Day.” That mystery, however, is now solved, thanks to some excellent and detail-oriented sleuthing that’s not nearly as complicated as might have been imagined. Using the song’s lyrics and actual historic events—like the debut date of Yo! MTV Raps and results of games between the Lakers and Sonics—Donovan Strain over at Murk Avenue used some Sherlock-like deductions to reach the conclusion that Ice Cube’s “good day” was Jan. 20, 1992. Other stories of interest from that day in Los Angeles can be found here. (In case anyone was wondering, a quick search only turns up one other significant historical event on this day: the crash of Air Inter Flight 148 in France. So, yeah.) Next up: figuring out on which specific Tuesday the Moody Blues wrote “Tuesday Afternoon.” [via Vulture]

UPDATE: In response to all this sleuthing, Vulture reached out to Ice Cube for confirmation of this fateful day but received only a cryptic, two-word reply: “Nice try.” No one knows what this means but it could have a profound impact on bloggers who are currently trying to prove that "Check Yo Self" was set on Jan. 21, 1992.

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