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UPDATED: The Colbert Report unexpectedly suspends production

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As you may have noticed, The Colbert Report inexplicably served up a rerun last night—and according to a network statement picked up by Mediaite, it’s not expected to return until at least next week. The decision seems to have been very last-minute, as ticketholders for yesterday’s taping were informed via e-mail that, due to “unforeseen reasons,” both Wednesday’s and Thursday’s shows had been canceled. Neither the Colbert Nation website nor Comedy Central has yet offered a statement on the unexpected hiatus, although Third Beat notes that similar suspensions on The Daily Show occurred when Jon Stewart’s child was born and after a former intern committed suicide. Colbert’s normally very active personal Twitter feed has also been silent since Tuesday, further stoking fears (or hopes?) that something unusually unfortunate (or fortunate?) has happened—especially given that Colbert has taped shows immediately after breaking his wrist and while suffering from the flu. We’ll update if and when the network offers an explanation for the production stoppage, and hopefully before the already-flourishing comment board conspiracy theories involving the Vatican and angry Republicans spread any further.  


UPDATE: After numerous outlets reported rumors that the suspension is due to a family illness, The Huffington Post now quotes a source with a "business relationship to the show" as saying that Colbert left work because his 91-year-old mother, Lorna, is "seriously ill." Obviously, the show will remain off the air until he is able to return.

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