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UPDATED: Sylvester Stallone suggests that Obama is a "Manchurian Candidate"

Yesterday’s midterm elections—and the resultant tidal wave of Republican victories—were viewed by many as a referendum on President Obama’s administration thus far. (Or, to put it in more alarmist, Sarah Palin-y/Glenn Beck-y catchphrases, a message that Obama should stop his “fundamental transformation of America.”) But to Sylvester Stallone, the elections were an opportunity to possibly put a stop to something far more sinister: Yesterday he tweeted, “I voted did you? Gotta get the Manchurian Candidate out of the drivers seat before were ALL soaring off a cliff into Oblivion … Be smart.” He then added, “The Manchurian Candidate was a movie about fake president who was put there by foreign enemies to destroy America. Scary concept. Rise up!”

When his followers called him out for implying that Barack Obama is a brainwashed plant who took control of the nation as some sort of sleeper agent, Stallone fought back, saying he was “just mixing it up. Getting the blood going! Makes ya passionate, don’t it. Good! Happy with things? OPINIONS?” He also had the ultimate comeback for those who argued with him: “Written any produced screenplays lately?” Well, you've got us there. [Vulture]

UPDATE: Asked to clarify his remarks for The Hollywood Reporter, Stallone now insists that despite his (factually iffy) insistence that The Manchurian Candidate was about a "fake president," he actually meant "Manchurian candidate" as a reference to "all career politicians." Ah… So every politician has been put there by foreign enemies to destroy America? If only we could entrust control of the country to the writers of produced screenplays.


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