Serving yet again as pioneers in the field of deliberate musical obscurity, Radiohead has employed the natural medium of Russian radio to announce that it’s completed work on its latest album. Guitarist Jonny Greenwood was tapped to deliver the missive, telling Silver Radio, succinctly enough, that, “We have finished recording of the new album.” Greenwood added, though, that the group was continually “re-evaluating” the music, presumably seeking out an even more idiosyncratic way—semaphore, maybe? Trained, singing bats?—to deliver a new batch of songs to the world.

Beyond its latest experiment in digital hieroglyphics or psychic CDs or whatever, though, the group will also continue to deliver music the old fashioned way: trucking it from town to town on an international tour. (Hopefully they’ve located some good bat food stores along the way.) Greenwood said that the band expects to begin touring the as-yet-unnamed new album next year, presuming that it can reach a point where it’s happy with the material. The album will be the group’s first since 2011’s The King Of Limbs and is rumored to contain songs fans have heard on the band’s previous tours—including “Lift,” which Radiohead has been playing live since at least 1996— and might break with tradition by including music from outside collaborators.


[via Consequence Of Sound]

UPDATE: Apparently no one told Thom Yorke about the album being finished, as earlier this afternoon he took to Twitter to dispute Consequence Of Sound’s report. Looks like somebody’s about to have a band meeting:

@coslive no IT ain’t finished take responsibility for your writing and check your facts occasionally .. alright Jonny?😑@JnnyG

— Thom Yorke (@thomyorke) October 15, 2015