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UPDATED: Megyn Kelly ditches Fox News for NBC

Megyn Kelly, the Fox News on-air personality who became an unlikely feminist figure when she stood up to Donald Trump’s sexist bullying during this year’s presidential race, is packing up her bloody wherever and heading to NBC. That news comes courtesy of Trump’s archenemies at The New York Times, who say that Kelly, currently one of Fox’s biggest stars, will be taking on “a broad new role” at NBC News in a deal struck for “an undisclosed amount.” That broad new role will include her own daytime news discussion program, a Sunday night news program, and regular appearances in the network’s special political coverage (like, say, future presidential debates).

Kelly’s departure will be another in a series of blows sustained recently by the “fair and balanced” cable news network, whose chairman, Roger Ailes, was canned over the summer amid sexual harassment allegations from multiple female employees, including Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson and Kelly herself.


UPDATE: Variety confirms that Kelly’s departure from Fox News is happening sooner than later, and her last show on the network will be this Friday, January 6. It’s not yet clear who will take over Kelly’s time slot, but Variety speculates that Tucker Carlson may be up for the job.

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