Risking six rough months in a Canadian prison and a C$5,000 fine—roughly about $3845 U.S.—John Oliver spent a good portion of last night’s Last Week Tonight telling Canadians not to vote their current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, back into office. With Canada’s elections taking place today, October 19, Oliver spent a solid 15 minutes running down why Americans should care about the process up north, detailing not only the phonetic failings of NDP candidate Tom Mulcair and the general lameness of Liberal candidate Justin Trudeau, but also Harper’s Islamophobia, detrimental environmental policies, and totally unreasonable hatred of marijuana.

Defying some arcane Canadian law banning anyone who “does not reside in Canada” from inducing “electors to vote for or refrain from voting for” any particular candidates, Oliver went full bore against Harper, ending his show by summoning not only a costumed moose and beaver to back him up, but also Mike Myers, who was dressed as a Mountie and rode onto the set in a comically beflagged snowplow. As you can see in the clip below, Myers—who is a citizen of Canada, the U.S., and the U.K.—backed Oliver up, telling his fellow countrymen pretty explicitly that they should not, in fact, vote for Stephen Harper, no matter what.

UPDATE: The Canadian government says Oliver will not face prosecution over his statements about Stephen Harper, saying the legal provision in question has been on the books since the ’20s and doesn’t cover people just gabbing about who they think should win the election. Elections Canada spokesman John Enright told Maclean’s that the key provision in the law refers to people who “induce” Canadians to do something, and “to induce there must be a tangible thing offered. A personal view is not inducement.”