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UPDATED: Jeremy Renner broke both his goddamn arms shooting Tag

(Screenshot: Avengers: Age Of Ultron)

Hawkeye is easily the least essential member of the Avengers—though he did let the team crash at his place in Age Of Ultron—but that doesn’t mean that Jeremy Renner phones in his performance. Just look at all the bantering with Scarlett Johansson in Civil War, who kicks his ass as Black Widow; or his attempts to establish a rapport with Chadwick Boseman, who kicks his ass as Black Panther. And Renner’s thrown himself into reprising his marksman role for Avengers: Infinity War so hard that he fractured both his arms performing a stunt.

As Variety reports, Renner showed up to a press conference for the Karlovy Vary Film Festival with braces on both his arms, explaining that he’d fractured his left wrist and right elbow on the set of the Russo brothers‘ film. “That’s how it goes,” Renner said, Clint Barton-ishly. “It’s part of the job.” The actor wouldn’t elaborate on just what fancy bowin’ he was doing that resulted in his injuries, but he did tell reporters that the setback wouldn’t prevent him from filming the next Bourne movie. “I’m sort of a problem solver, you know. There will be an effect to it, but it won’t stop me from doing things that I need to be doing,” Renner said Hawkeye-ishly. “I’ll heal fast. I’m doing everything I can to heal faster”—short of becoming Wolverine, presumably.


UPDATE: Turns out a big-screen game of Tag is really to blame for Renner’s injuries. Though Variety reported that the actor had fractured both his arms shooting Infinity War, The Hollywood Reporter indicates it was a stunt on the set of Tag that took its toll on Renner. Still, it proves that Renner takes his duties seriously, whether he’s fending off Thanos or Jon Hamm and Ed Helms.


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