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UPDATED: It's not a dream, there's going to be a Space Jam sequel (maybe) starring LeBron James

No, it’s not a Friday night fever dream, there is going to be a sequel to Space Jam and it’s going to star LeBron James. 18 years after Michael Jordan journeyed to Tune Land to learn a lesson about why basketball is way cooler than baseball (or something like that), a whole new generation will get to experience the daring live-action/animated sports comedy genre pioneered by Space Jam in 1996.

Brothers Charlie and Willie Ebersol—the sons of legendary broadcaster Dick Ebersol—will spearhead the project with Charlie producing and Willie set to pen the script. And while The A.V. Club can’t technically claim to have come up with the idea, we did run a headline featuring the words “LeBron James” and “Space Jam” back in December, so we’ll be expecting some residuals any day now.


Deadline’s exclusive announcement of the unexpected sequel raises more questions than answers: Will LeBron James’ real-life broken nose be the inciting incident of the film? Will the Monstars return as the main antagonist? Will the film feature the iconic “Space Jam Theme Song”? And, most importantly, will Bill Murray make another cameo? Space Jam fans everywhere wait with bated breath.

UPDATE: According to ESPN, LeBron sources refute the claims that he’ll star in the sequel. We will update this space when we have more information.

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