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UPDATED: Gorillaz are holding their first on-camera interview right now

Screenshot: YouTube

On the heels of the news of their first U.S. tour in seven years, Gorillaz are holding their first “live” interview at this very moment, courtesy of Telekom Electronic Beats. BBC Radio 1’s Mistajam is sitting down with 2D and Murdoc right now, and taking fan questions that are posted to the YouTube stream’s comments section.

Russel Hobbs joined the group by phone, though he seemed kind of grumpy and cut things short. Fan questions are currently pouring in, and yielding answers such as Murdoc’s favorite writer (“Bob Kerouac, distant relative of Jack”). And apparently, “Chicago is good for sounds.” Tune in now for more of these insights.


UPDATE: Aaaand, the interview’s over. We hope you managed to send in your burning questions about the inspiration behind Humanz or the whereabouts of Noodle.

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