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Illustration for article titled UPDATED: FBI arrests man suspected of leaking Scarlett Johanssons nude photos, could give him as many as 121 years in prison

The FBI has arrested a Florida man suspected of briefly breaking the Internet with his purloined cell phone photographs of a nude Scarlett Johansson, marking the first real action in a yearlong investigation dubbed “Operation Hackerazzi,” because “Operation Hey…. No… Come On, Now… No One Wants To See That… That’s Disrespectful” lacked a certain zazz. According to TMZ, authorities believe the man to be a “lone wolf”—a drifter who rolled into one data port after another, then made off with whatever candid naked photos these innocent female celebrities happened to have on their phones. They also estimate that he operated purely for the thrill of it and, presumably, congratulatory animated GIFs on 4chan. Among the many women who claim they were victims of the suspect and his quest for nude celebrity kicks: Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba, Ali Larter, Miley Cyrus, Busy Phillips, and Emma Caulfield (the inclusion of whom suggests the alleged hacker must be a big Buffy fan). The FBI has scheduled a press conference about the arrest for later today, which will most likely go something like this:

UPDATE: Of course, while many may have joked that the alleged hacker would most likely receive the capital punishment of being high-fived to death, the FBI is pretty serious: The accused, now revealed to be 35-year-old Christopher Chaney, faces charges of identity theft and wiretapping (among others) for using public information to break into the email accounts of said celebrities, then using those to access their computers and cell phones. He could be sentenced to up 121 years in federal prison if convicted on all counts (though something tells us he'll get maybe just slightly less than that).


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