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UPDATED: Eddie Izzard, Bob Hoskins, and Toby Jones join effort to make you care about Snow White And The Huntsman

Snow White And The Huntsman continues its bid to be the only Snow White film you don't automatically despise by shoring up its dwarf roles with respected character actors, thereby distracting from your natural aversions to both dark fairy tale adaptations and Kristen Stewart. Yesterday it was confirmed that Deadwood’s Ian McShane had been drafted to be the dwarf leader, taking on one vile fucking dwarf task after another. Now it looks as though he’ll be charged with keeping in line an equally intriguing ensemble comprised of Bob Hoskins as the blind dwarf Constantine, Eddie Izzard as the “big and burly” Tiberius, Toby Jones as the timid Claudius, and possibly Sherlock Holmes’ Eddie Marsan and Boardwalk Empire’s Stephen Graham as unspecified dwarves. And as the film breaks with tradition by having eight total (though technically, two of those are twins), there’s room still for one more British character actor to join. Keep your phone on, England.

UPDATE: Turn your phone off, England. Ray Winstone just got the part.


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