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Following negotiations that probably consisted of, “hey, do you want to be on TV?” “Always,” Deadline reports that Breitbart jagoff—we refuse to call him a “provocateur,” because he probably enjoys that—Milo Yiannopoulos will in fact appear on this week’s episode of Real Time With Bill Maher. Now, to be fair to the staunchly (old school) liberal Maher, he will presumably do his best to make Yiannopoulos look like an idiot, as he recently did with conservative talking heads Tomi Lahren and Piers Morgan. But those two were on the panel for the show, allowing other guests to join in the discussion and deliver their own sick burns. Yiannopoulos, meanwhile, will be the top of the show guest, interacting with Maher and only Maher. Let’s just hope the topic of Islam doesn’t come up, because that could get…awkward.

UPDATE: Journalist and co-founder of The Intercept Jeremy Scahill does not think this Milo shit is cute, and has canceled his appearance on this week’s Real Time With Bill Maher in protest of Yiannopoulos’ appearance on the show. He was scheduled to sit on this week’s panel. You can read his full statement on the matter via Twitter below.


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