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UPDATED: Behold, an updated chart of the best-selling musician from each state

Metallica’s popular in its home state of California, but did you know Kenny G rules Washington? Redditor Ooosh-E recently mashed together a map of the United States and the RIAA’s list of the 250 top-selling musicians nationwide, using it to figure out what acts dominate their respective birth states. While it should come as no surprise that Prince rules Minnesota and The Boss has New Jersey on lock, no one could have realistically expected Randy Travis to rule North Carolina or Andy Williams to continue to hold court in Iowa. Even more surprising are all the states with absolutely no representation in the top 250. While there are certainly popular acts from Portland working today, they haven’t quite made the pantheon of earners just yet, leaving Oregon (and Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, the Dakotas, Nebraska, South Carolina, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Alaska, and Maine) all woefully underrepresented. [via Co.Create]

Update: Ooosh-E sent us an updated and corrected version of the chart, with now has Eminem beating out Sheryl Crow for Missouri superiority and some other minor updates.


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