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UPDATED: Aubrey Plaza to peer into celebrities’ nightmares for TBS

(Photo: Getty Images, Theo Wargo)

Pretty much since she first stole everyone’s hearts with a frustrated sigh and a rolling of her eyes on Parks And Recreation, Aubrey Plaza has been working to cultivate a personal brand of endearing crankiness. That’s what made her so perfect for the voice of Grumpy Cat, who also has a personal brand of endearing crankiness, though that was foisted upon her by her owners. And now it’s getting Plaza her very own TBS pilot. Titled Nightmare Time, the project will star Plaza as a version of herself who hosts a celebrity nightmare clinic where famous people try to overcome their darkest fears. Using spooky sci-fi technology, Plaza will “peer into their restless minds” and “witness their nightmares in real time.”

That comes from TV Line, which describes the show as a “horror-comedy” and adds that each episode—if this show goes to series—will feature two nightmare stories inspired by “modern society” and the “tropes and touchstones of the horror genre.” Basically, it sounds a lot like Adult Swim’s Dream Corp LLC, but with a more explicit horror angle.


UPDATE: Although Plaza will guest star in the pilot in addition to executive producing, she is not part of the main cast. The A.V. Club received that bit of clarification directly from Turner networks.

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