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Paul F. Tompkins on Mr. Show

Although Bob Odenkirk and David Cross’ names were in the title, Mr. Show With Bob And David never shied away from showcasing the strengths of its talented ensemble. So it’s not much of a surprise now that Deadline reports several members of that group will be returning for With Bob And David, the pair’s spiritual successor to their beloved HBO sketch show.

In preparation for the show’s arrival on Netflix at some as-yet-unannounced future date, Cross and Odenkirk have apparently spent the last few months sending expeditions deep into the Los Angeles podcast mines, where contributors Paul F. Tompkins and Brian Posehn have been toiling for years to mine cult followings from the hard and bitter soil. Now, they’ll return to the warm Netflix sunlight to make appearances on the show’s four planned half-hour episodes.


Besides Tompkins and Posehn, other returning Mr. Show vets include main cast members Jay Johnston and John Ennis, as well as Dino “Starburns” Stamatopolis and Mark Rivers. Unfortunately, at least a few beloved Mr. Show names are absent from the list, most notably married couple Tom Kenny and Jill Talleythe latter of whom appeared in all but four episodes of the Mr. Show’s HBO runwho have apparently both been locked in a voice acting booth since 1999.

Even without Kenny and Talley, With Bob And David has an enormous amount of comedic talent scheduled to appear in front of the camera. A word of warning, though: most of these people were in Run, Ronnie, Run, too, a sobering reminder that nothing in this life is certain, even comedy.

UPDATE: Splitsider reports that Kenny and Talley were, in fact, present for a rehearsal for new sketches from With Bob And David. Asked for comment, Odenkirk confirmed that the duo would appear on the show, along with old friends Scott Aukerman and Brett Paesel and new friends Mort Burke, Jon Barinholtz, Brendan Johnson, Paget Brewster, and “and some guests who are famouser than us.” Hail Satan!

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