(Photo: Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images)

Tonight’s episode of The Daily Show With Trevor Noah experienced an unexplained disruption during its broadcast, right in the middle of an interview between Noah and Anthony D. Romero, the head of the ACLU. As numerous viewers noted on Twitter, the screen cut to black during their conversation about Donald Trump’s executive order banning American immigration from seven majority-Muslim countries. The Comedy Central logo reportedly stayed present on the bottom of the screen.


Noah himself expressed confusion at the interruption via Twitter. We’ve reached out to Comedy Central for a comment on the interruption; meanwhile, numerous viewers are waiting to see if the incident reoccurs when the episode is rebroadcast later tonight.

UPDATE: As noted in the comments below, the full video of the episode—including Romero’s interview—is available on Comedy Central’s web site.


UPDATE: Noah has since tweeted that the interruption was a technical glitch.