Last week, the admissions office at the University Of Chicago received a package addressed to Indiana Jones himself, containing an almost perfect replica of Abner Ravenwood’s journal from Raiders Of The Lost Ark. After much media attention and efforts to track down the source of the journal, the university’s hunt is over.

The package containing the journal was actually part of a larger package of replica Indiana Jones props, sold by an eBay vendor in Guam to a buyer in Italy. That smaller package, which had been addressed to “Dr. Henry Walton Jones” as part of the replica, fell out of the larger delivery and was mistakenly sent to “Dr. Jones” at UChicago’s Rosenwald Hall by the U.S. Postal Service.


The University has been told it can keep the journal, and several on-campus groups have reportedly offered to display or archive its contests. The outpouring of interest hopefully means the journal will be fully studied by top men… top men. [via RedEye]