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UPDATE: The Simpsons renewed for two more years, as everyone involved agrees to less and/or more money

Harry Shearer’s reasonable arguments aside, it appears as though The Simpsons voice cast will acquiesce to Fox demands that they accept a pay cut to continue making the show, with both The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline saying that the group is close to a new deal that will keep it on the air for at least another year, with Deadline even suggesting the possibility of a 25th season. Talks are still ongoing and nothing is final as we head into the weekend, but all sources seem optimistic that everything will be worked out. By which we mean, the cast will walk away with smaller (though still relatively huge) salaries but without a piece of the sweetest plum that is the back-end, Fox will graciously agree to spend a couple more years stocking up on new episodes that it can then sell into syndication for even more money, and in the end, The Simpsons will be rescued by, oh, let’s say Moe.

Update: Fox announced just moments ago that The Simpsons has been renewed for a 24th and 25th season, which will take the series through 559 episodes and the spring of 2014. Though it's hard to imagine the series ever being as strong as it was in its heyday again, it's still great that this show, of all shows, is going to run 25 seasons.


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