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The Postal Service really might be getting back together—albeit just for tour dates, not a new record. The electro-duo composed of Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard and Dntel’s Jimmy Tamborello updated its website over the weekend to simply read “The Postal Service 2013.” For about a month now there have been whispers that the group would be reuniting for Coachella in April, and while there’s no confirmation of that yet, the website update certainly hints at things to come.


UPDATE: Billboard says it has confirmed with three different unnamed sources that The Postal Service will, in fact, play Coachella this year. Sub Pop will also be releasing a deluxe reissue of Give Up, the band's only album, sometime in February.

Of course, just because The Postal Service might play a few live dates this year, it still doesn’t mean it will ever make another record together. As Gibbard told Spinner in October, “People shouldn’t hold their breath” for a new album, saying he isn't interested in the amount of “mouse time” required for any potential project.

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