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UPDATE: The new Evil Dead remake or possibly sequel really is happening, maybe, according to some people

In a story that seems to sprout up every couple of months or so, only to vanish back underground leaving fans feeling violated, like some sort of terrible raping tree, rumors have once again begun to circulate that a new Evil Dead film is really, truly on the way. Dread Central kicked things off with a report that Sam Raimi’s long-time editor Bob Murawski had relocated to Detroit, where he was expected to work on another edition of the franchise that would be “a small indie thing like the first two.” At the moment, of course, there’s no word on the involvement of Raimi himself—and considering he’s tied up with Oz The Great And Powerful and committed to at least half a dozen other projects besides that, it seems unlikely that he’ll be back behind the camera in time for this. Murawski’s supposed sudden move to Detroit also seems odd, considering he, too, is committed to working on Oz The Great And Powerful. Also, no one seems to be sure whether it's another sequel or the long-proposed remake, meaning this whole story is just as murky and suspect as all other Evil Dead-related speculation, and we're also now complicit in perpetuating it. So, you're welcome.

But if you can take the word of Bruce Campbell, the man most responsible for keeping these “new Evil Dead” rumors alive, no, it’s really happening, and it's definitely a remake: Following up on proclaiming a prospective remake script “awesome” a couple months back, Campbell recently took to his Twitter account to urge a rightfully suspicious fan, “Believe in the remake, dawg! The project is real. In the works. Cool as hell. Scary as hell.” Also, unconfirmed as hell. So maybe hold your reaction until there’s a more official announcement, dawg.


UPDATE: Hey, here's another rumor: Bloody Disgusting now reports that the reboot will be directed by Federico Alvarez from Uruguay, who made an auspicious debut with his 2009 short film Panic Attack. You can watch that below while pondering exactly how much weight you should give any this.

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