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UPDATE: The Broken Lizard guys aren’t involved in that Beerfest webseries


A lot has changed in the recreational intoxication world in the years between 2006 and 2016—known, in academic circles, as The Post-Beerfest Decade: marijuana has tilted toward legalization, the drinking world has been dominated by the utter nastiness of the loathsome IPA, and Broken Lizard Presents: The Slammin’ Salmon opened to critical drubbing and a shrug at the theatrical box office. But now, Beerfest is coming back, to right all wrongs, vanquish all foes, and remind us all of that pretty funny joke where Kevin Heffernan’s character Landfill dies, and is then immediately replaced by his twin brother (also called Landfill.)

Deadline is reporting that the 2006 comedy—which starred Broken Lizard members Paul Soter, Jay Chandrasekhar, Eric Stolhanske, Steve Lemme, and Heffernan as five friends who attempt to win a German beer-drinking contest—is being resurrected as a webseries by The CW’s Seed program, with help from original producer Billy Gerber. Here’s the catch, though: the Deadline report doesn’t mention whether any of the original cast—or director Chandrasekhar—are returning for the new series. Presumably, they’re all pretty busy with the crowd-funded Super Troopers sequel that they raised $4.5 million to make last year, so it’s not clear if they’ll have either the time, or inclination, to be a part of celebrating the tenth anniversary of their second-most-cultishly-beloved film. (They did just sponsor and appear at an actual Beerfest event in Chicago, though, so affection for the property is presumably still running high.)


UPDATE: Broken Lizard’s Steve Lemme has responded to questions about the webseries on Twitter, saying that he and the rest of the troupe are uninvolved with the project, and that fans should prepare for “something sub par.”


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