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Illustration for article titled UPDATE: State Department pulls the plug on Andrew W.K.s Bahrain party mission

Proving that the U.S. is nothing if not committed to party patronage, the State Department has named Andrew W.K. a cultural ambassador to the Middle East. W.K. will travel to the island nation of Bahrain in December, where he’ll visit elementary schools, music venues and the University Of Bahrain, ostensibly under the guise of promoting both partying and world peace. For security reasons, exact details of the trip are being kept secret for now, but W.K. says he can “hardly wait for this adventure” and that, so help him Allah, he’s going to “show the good people of Bahrain the power of positive partying.”


UPDATE: As it turns out, the State Department is not as cool as this story may have led the world to believe. The organization has pulled the plug on W.K.'s trip, saying the party-positive rocker "had been invited by the US Embassy in Bahrain to be part of a cultural speakers program, but upon further review, the program was canceled because it did not meet the standards of the State Department.” Lame.

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