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UPDATE: Slayer guitarist backs out of shows for incredibly metal reason

Slayer’s upcoming tour—which includes dates at the previously announced The Big 4 after Coachella on the Australian Soundwave Tour kicking off Feb. 26—will unfortunately not include founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman, as he’s currently suffering from the flesh-eating disease known as necrotizing fasciitis. The rare infection eats away at the skin, fat, and bones of the inflicted, and Hanneman, who is believed to have caught it from a spider bite, will have to undergo surgery on his right arm to treat it. Slayer, of course, previously had to cancel a round of tour dates because vocalist Tom Araya messed up his neck and back by headbanging too much, and thus continues to have the most badass possible reasons to cancel a show. Really, Kings Of Leon could learn a thing or two. Anyway, if you’re rushing to name your grindcore band or next prog-metal song “Necrotizing Fasciitis,” don’t bother.

UPDATE: We've received word from the band's publicist that Hanneman is already recuperating at home, undergoing follow-up procedures like skin grafts, and is expected to make a full recovery. So as of now, the only dates he is likely to miss are those immediately coming up in Australia. This is also badass.


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