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UPDATE: Scary Movie 5 (maybe) still happening, somehow has not happened already

As announced via Facebook update—which connotes precisely the sort of effort and zeal that will go into its production, no doubt—there will indeed be a Scary Movie 5, even though it seems like Scary Movie 5 was already on Comedy Central yesterday afternoon. It was not, apparently. Anyway, no word yet on who will direct it (though David Zucker seems likely to return), whether Anna Faris will be back (though, come on), or how much of the film will be given over to spoofing Paranormal Activity specifically (say, 60 percent). Here we would normally offer some commentary on the general enthusiasm for the project, but we think this just about sums it up:


UPDATE: It's been noted that there is no confirmation on The Weinstein Company's actual profile—and after a closer look, the Scary Movie 5 page is clearly the work of an amateur with a tenuous grasp on the English language—so until there's official word on a release date for the film (which has been under consideration at TWC since 2009, although it's still listed as 2011 on IMDB), this is still just a rumor. Those two people are going to be bummed.

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