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Because starring in an Aaron Sorkin show was affording her too much dignity, Olivia Munn is in talks to appear alongside Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in Ride Along 2. Along with Hart and Cube, director Tim Story will return for the sequel, which began development back in February. This time around, the Ride Along gang will reportedly be taking a more “multicultural” approach; Variety reports that plot details are still slim, but “this installment will see its two stars travel to Miami for fun, chaos, and shenanigans.” Munn’s involvement will be contingent on her ability to schedule around shooting dates for the final season of The Newsroom—because mean old Uncle Aaron never lets her have any shenanigans.


UPDATE: How’s this for multiculturalism: Ken Jeong and Benjamin Bratt have also joined the cast, thus catering to the physician-turned-comedian, Law & Order alum, and hot nerd demographics all at once.

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