UPDATE: Quotes from Nick Offerman (Ron Freakin' Swanson himself) at the bottom of the post.

Those who have dedicated their lives to ascending the Ron Swanson Pyramid Of Greatness were recently handed another ambition from their TV mentor: to remake the pitiful “turkey burger” as something fit for consumption by actual men. The idea arose during last week’s episode of Parks And Recreation, when Rob Lowe’s microchip-bodied city manager Chris proposed the leaner red meat substitute, asking Nick Offerman’s Ron Swanson if he’d ever had one. “Is that a fried turkey leg inside a grilled hamburger?” Swanson replied. “If so, yes. Delicious.” And while NBC has put up recipes for both Chris’ and Ron’s burgers since the show aired (Ron’s recipe: “Grill the meat then put it on a bun. Eat it with your mouth, so that it goes into your belly. Repeat”), that mythical Swanson spin on the turkey burger existed solely in the realm of pure fantasy, until the pioneers at Eater.com created their own Ron Swanson Turkey Burger. You can get the recipe and check out photos here. Not surprisingly, it apparently tastes pretty awesome. [via The Huffington Post]


UPDATE 4/27: Steve Heisler here. After the Internet made it known (and I mean known) that the Ron Swanson Turkey Burger was a thing that existed, I immediately emailed Nick Offerman to see what he thought. Though I asked simply for a quote, he provided me with seven. Of course I had to post them all, right?:

"I made this burger for Charlie Sheen, and he shook my hand."

"I was so honored to prepare this burger for Chuck Norris, it made me cry. Until he punched the tears off my face."


"I'm just glad to finally distract the public from Urkell's infamous Toffifay inside a Ding Dong."

"I made one of these for Jesus and he said I was his fantasy of an true American."

"I foresee a Swanson's drive-thru, serving only Turkey Leg Burgers, the 'Swanson' (bacon-wrapped turkey leg), deviled eggs and Lagavulin Scotch in a to-go cup."


"I love this meal. My wife gets upset, though, when I eat the bone."

"This pleases me much. Now please, someone, prepare a Meat Tornado inside a Sirloin."