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UPDATE: Metroid Prime 4 is coming to Nintendo Switch, not developed by Retro

Screenshot: Metroid Prime 3 Corruption/Nintendo

Not to be outdone by yesterday’s news that Beyond Good And Evil 2 is finally happening, Nintendo has just dropped its own crazy longshot of an announcement: Metroid Prime 4 is in development for the Switch. No release date or even footage of the game was shown during Nintendo’s E3 broadcast, but the confirmation comes as a huge relief to Metroid fans who’ve been asking for a new game in the series ever since the Wii’s Metroid: Other M turned out to be a massive disappointment.

UPDATE: IGN is reporting that Metroid Prime 4 is not being developed by Retro Studios, the beloved creators of the first three Prime games. According to Nintendo’s Bill Trinen, a “talented new development team” is working on Prime 4 along with the series’ longtime producer Kensuke Tanabe. Trinen also confirmed that the new entry will retain Metroid Prime’s first-person perspective and will be release sometime “beyond 2017.”


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