The early fascination with the upcoming John Gotti biopic Gotti: Three Generations has essentially boiled down to two things: the close involvement in its production by the actual Gotti family, which makes it seem like a real-life version of a Sopranos subplot; and its somewhat-zany casting, which so far includes John Travolta as Gotti, a pulled-out-of-retirement Joe Pesci, and Lindsay Lohan, who was rumored to be moving toward a life relatively less spoiled and criminal by playing Victoria Gotti. But alas, that final aspect is likely not to be, as TMZ reports that negotiations between Lohan and producer Marc Fiore have ended due to the unspecified “various demands of her management team.” Although Fiore leaves the door open for Lohan, saying he’d be willing to discuss it with Lohan over a one-on-one phone call, it seems as though Lohan’s long-delayed “comeback” will still have to wait. No word on what Lohan’s “demands” were, unfortunately, but we’re sure they were perfectly commensurate with her current reputation as both a reliable actress and box-office draw, plus guaranteed Twizzlers.

UPDATE: TMZ, who should really just make this movie themselves, now reports that Lohan took Fiore up on his offer, "personally patched things up" all by herself, and she is now back on the film. However, Lohan apparently won't play the role of Victoria Gotti (despite being a dead ringer), but rather that of John Gotti Jr.'s wife Kim, a part that was previously rumored for Kim Kardashian. (See what we mean about TMZ just doing this movie themselves?)