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Illustration for article titled UPDATE: Lana Del Reys publicist denies that her tour was postponed, says singer will play shows in October

The fallout from Lana Del Rey's widely panned SNL performance apparently has carried over to the singer's upcoming tour, which was supposed to launch next month but has now been delayed. That's according to the New York Post's Page Six, which cites "a source" claiming that Del Rey and her manager wanted to cancel the tour immediately after SNL. "Another source" says that that the chairman of Del Rey's label, Interscope's Jimmy Iovine, as well as her agents at CAA feared that touring now would hurt sales. (Though yet another unnamed source claims Iovine had nothing to do with booking or postponing the dates—it's almost like anonymous sources are unreliable or something.) At any rate, it appears that Del Rey will not be standing stoically in a theater near you anytime soon. Instead, she's supposedly "been in the studio for the past week working on her performance." We know one fan who think she's improved a lot already. [via Vulture]


UPDATE: Del Rey's publicist has denied the Page 6 report, telling Pitchfork that the singer will tour in October.

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