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UPDATE: Keanu Reeves may not have hinted at two more Matrix movies after all

Although the diminishing returns of The Matrix trilogy would seem to have sated any desire to see the Wachowskis elaborate on that world further, star Keanu Reeves recently told a London audience that he’s met with the duo about adding another two films to the franchise. Supposedly there is a completed “two-script treatment” that would bring Neo back to expand the story, and perhaps more relevantly, that would do so in 3-D, which the Wachowskis even sought counsel on from James Cameron. According to the eyewitness report, Reeves promises the films will “truly revolutionize the action genre like the first movie.” Well, as long as you’re managing expectations. [AICN]

UPDATE: Screen Rant now says it has heard from the school where this talk supposedly took place, only to learn that Reeves made no appearance there. If that's true, then congrats to AICN reader "El Nino"for successfully duping such a wide swath of the blogosphere.


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