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Provoking a lot of otherwise respectable outlets to deploy the phrase “getting jiggy” to questionable effect, Will Smith has released his first rap track in over a decade, teaming up with Colombian electronic music trio Bomba Estéreo on a remix of their hit song “Fiesta”. Smith apparently heard the original version of the track during a trip to Colombia earlier this year, and approached the group about a possible collaboration. (Music conspiracy theorists, meanwhile, should be happy to have an answer as to why the star of Men In Black was throwing shout-outs to Latin Grammy nominees on his Facebook page earlier this week.)

Those interested in learning whether Smith’s still got his “swagga” 10 years after the moderate success of his last album, Lost And Found, will have to hit up digital distributors like iTunes or Amazon to find out; The Associated Press is promising that a video for “Fiesta (Remix),” featuring Smith, is on its way, but it hasn’t made its way online as of yet. Still, if you’ve ever wanted to hear the Fresh Prince rap lines like, “Hola mamacita, go get me a beer-a,” you may not want to wait.


UPDATE: And now here’s the song:

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