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UPDATE: Harvey Weinstein will get his PG-13 cut of The King's Speech by cutting three of five F-bombs

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Despite director Tom Hooper’s strenuous objections, The Weinstein Company is moving forward with a proposed PG-13 edit of The King’s Speech, having just received an okay from the MPAA to release it to theaters as soon as it pulls the original, R-rated version. (Normally a film has to be absent from theaters for 90 days before a re-release is granted; in this case, The King’s Speech was granted a waiver.) As we reported earlier, the Weinsteins’ decision to censor the film was based primarily on helping the Best Picture frontrunner broaden its box-office take by attracting more families—something that Harvey Weinstein apparently felt was more crucial at this point than continuing to make a stand on principle, like he did at the time of the film’s first date with the MPAA. Back then, the only thing that came between The King’s Speech and a PG-13 was a key scene where Colin Firth’s character lets loose with a string of cathartic profanities—and while there’s nothing official yet on what “unique way” (in Weinstein’s words) they’ve found to work around it, we’re assuming that scene is now pretty much gone, perhaps momentarily replaced by an insert of a couple of friendly chaps playing snooker.


UPDATE: Deadline has learned that the MPAA handed down the new rating after The Weinstein Company "muted" three of five utterances of the word "fuck," thereby keeping the aforementioned pivotal scene intact (as Hooper insisted), but with two of the "fucks" missing from Firth's string of profanity. So two "fucks" = PG-13 rating. Five "fucks" = automatic R rating. Anyone who needed further evidence that the MPAA's rules are stubbornly dogmatic and devoid of any consideration for context, well, you just got some cold, hard numbers.  

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