Those who have often wondered, “What would prancing comedy pirate Russell Brand make of current events, and how would he then relate them to his own stories of past brushes with hedonism and his life as a famous person?” may soon have the answer, as FX has just signed a deal to develop six late-night, half-hour specials with Brand, a play on the usual hosted comedy show format that will offer Brand’s “unfiltered, unvarnished” take on the news of the day. Described as a spin on the traditional “hosted comedy” format, much of the show debuting next spring will be drawn from Brand’s interactions with a live audience, provided they are not a bunch of total dullards. And giving those audiences an early taste of the sort of comedy you can expect, Brand managed to imbue even a press release with his signature cheeky sleaze, saying, “I am so excited I'm on the point of climax. In fact, I will put the ‘O’ into FX, which spells FOX, which is actually the channel's real name. That's the only thing that worries me about all this to be honest. At least I'll be able to have a Christmas drink with Bill O'Reilly.” So see? He’s not afraid to get political.

UPDATE: No sooner had FX made the above announcement then Deadline confirmed that Brand's deal with Fox also extends to developing his own primetime animated series on its flagship network, a project that will be written and produced by Bob's Burgers' Dan Fybel and Rich Rinaldi. Beyond suggesting that Fox super-loved Get Him To The Greek, with first Jonah Hill's Allen Gregory and now this, little else is known about the show. But, in typical Brand fashion, it is expected to be loosely based on Brand's own wild life in his 20s, a story that Russell Brand never gets tired of hearing.