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UPDATE: Enjoy some proposed Rolling Stone covers by former “Editor-In-Chief” Tim Heidecker

Tim Heidecker has never been afraid to commit to a comedic bit on a level that borders on pathological. That extends to his Twitter feed. The renaissance man and master of the comedy of discomfort has been on a tear the past few days about his supposed new gig as the Editor-In-Chief for Rolling Stone. Among some of the changes Heidecker has in mind is a slight revision to the ratings system to make it six stars, “Perhaps only as a nod the ‘six string’ guitar,” he notes. (Too bad Time Out doesn’t still use its old six-star rating system.)

Heidecker’s tweets are a devastatingly funny, accurate spoof of the venerable rock institution’s geriatric aesthetic and flagrant star-fucking, complete with mock “Dream” covers featuring some of the magazine’s favorite sassy, rocking seniors (Jeff Lynne, The Band, a hilarious Michael Jackson portrait painted by Bob Dylan). He also invited his followers to mock up some dream covers, with some pretty great results, like “Fred Durst 2.0.”


Somewhere, Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner is enjoying an expensive glass of wine with Mick Jagger and Elton John and anxiously pretending to appreciate Heidecker’s scathing spoof of his magazine.

Update: Heidecker's fictional stint as editor-in-chief has reached an unfortunate but not entirely unpredictable end. According to a post on Heidecker's website, he is no longer editor-in-chief of the venerable publication. He writes that he may have lost his job for leaking news of Rolling Stone's merger with TV Guide (see video below) but was not given a reason for his abrupt termination, thereby bringing an end to one of the greatest ever fictional collaborations between a conceptual pop-culture smartass and an ossified dinosaur of a rock 'n' roll publication. Sigh. It was too good to last, but we wish Heidecker well in his future endeavors and hope that the magazine will at least be sensible enough to implement some of his suggestions.

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