After misleading us with the idea that October 19 is inside us all, the actual location of October 19 has been discovered hiding inside Canada, where Community is now set to make its return on our nation-hat's Citytv beginning November 9. This announcement would seem to precede a similar one from NBC—though there's still nothing on the horizon yet, meaning very soon the northern border could see a flood of new immigrants, all desperate for a piece of the Canadian dream where they get to watch Community and maybe score some free medical care. Or perhaps this will finally prompt us to invade Canada once and for all, commandeering their TV resources and scooping up all the model girlfriends who have for so long been hiding there. Of course, there is also the possibility that Community's Internet-savvy fans here could find some other, less violent way to watch the show—thereby lowering the ratings even more whenever it premieres here—but in the meantime we'll begin loading up the trucks. [via Splitsider]

UPDATE: No sooner had this story begun circulating than Citytv, sensing our troops amassing beneath them, moved the date to January 11, then added the panicky "NO DATE HAS BEEN SET YET FOR THE RETURN OF COMMUNITY." You may have just bought yourself a little time, Canada. But unless NBC makes a move soon, you're still on notice.