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Once again impressively encapsulating the Brett Ratner aura in just a few simple words, the Tower Heist director and student of the Socratic maxim “know thyself” followed his recent romantic reverie about the time he “banged” a pre-Asian model of Olivia Munn with his opinion of a director’s need to rehearse before shooting a scene: “Rehearsing is for fags,” Ratner reportedly told a Los Angeles audience following a screening of the ensemble comedy, scenes of which were shot on the fly, the heterosexual way. Not where the actors are given room to work out the comedic timing or the nuance of their dialogue, which are things that gay people do. Fortunately, there aren’t very many of those in the film industry, so it’s alllll gooooood. Anyway, the whole “rehearsing is for fags” philosophy certainly bodes well for next year’s Ratner-produced Oscars, which may end up being incredibly sloppy, but when it's over everyone will know that Brett Ratner has sex with women.

UPDATE: Ratner has since addressed his comments in a statement to The Wrap, saying, "I apologize for any offense my remarks caused. It was a dumb way of expressing myself. Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body. But as a storyteller I should have been much more thoughtful about the power of language and my choice of words.” Indeed, it was a rare misstep of not being thoughtful for Brett Ratner, storyteller.


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