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UPDATE: Ariana Grande concert in England evacuated after possible explosions

(Photo: Getty Images For Republic Records, Kevin Mazur)

According to Variety, an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in England was just evacuated following reports of two “loud bangs,” with some people on social media saying they were actual explosions. Variety says that a rep for Grande has confirmed that the singer is “okay,” but the Greater Manchester Police has just reported that there are “confirmed fatalities” on the scene. The police are also referring to this as a “serious incident” and asking civilians to avoid the area.


Social media users have also shared video of the scene inside the arena as frightened concertgoers attempted to evacuate:

UPDATE: The Manchester Police have shared another statement on Twitter, reporting that “19 people have been confirmed dead” with “around 50 others injured.” The explosion is also “being treated as a terrorist incident.”


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