Capping off a particularly bad week for quirky cult television, ABC has quietly benched Cougar Town, proving that NBC’s hatred of Community is obviously so strong, it’s even getting rid of its characters’ favorite shows—even if they’re on other networks. Of course, ABC failed to mention those shadowy backroom meetings with NBC where that conspiracy was hatched, thereby condemning itself with silence. But it did offer vague reassurances to TV Line that the Courtney Cox-starring show with the regrettable title will return sometime in the spring. Should you have any unused Cougarton Abbey references in the coffers, now would be the time. (Elsewhere in news you don’t care about as much, freshman show Man Up is also missing from the lineup, only to be replaced by cross-dressing sitcom Work It as part of ABC’s bizarre “Emasculation Comedy Hour.” So, that’s sort of a wash.)

UPDATE: Deadline now says that Cougar Town will return in March, although the delay means that this season has been cut from 22 episodes down to 15. And in more bad news/sort-of-good news/baffling news, it will take over Work It's time slot after that show "finishes its run" (It certainly sounds like Work It is well worth the investment!), where it will be paired with Tim Allen's Last Man Standing as a lead-in. Because fans of Tim Allen grousing about the ladies, amirite? would enjoy nothing more than immediately hanging with a divorcee and her deliciously catty wine-swilling crew.