Bored with and embarrassed by your love, Alec Baldwin has been slowly pulling away from 30 Rock seemingly ever since it began, so many have assumed that he would be leaving the show in 2012 when his contract expires—an assumption aided by the fact that he continues to say so, repeatedly, in plain English. Yet in all of our consideration of The Arnett Recourse, no one ever told us that the show itself would be ending, until Baldwin did just that last night. Speaking to Vulture during one of the many galas where its reporters always seem to be stalking him, Baldwin answered an innocent question about writing a book like Tina Fey’s Bossypants by saying, “I will tell you one thing. And that is our show next year is our last year of the show.” He then continued, “Our contracts are expired [in 2012], and Tina is gonna have a big career directing films and writing. She's going to be the next Elaine May. She'll be great.” Fey has yet to respond to Baldwin’s claims, as she’s most likely still coming up with a suitable retort to Baldwin’s subtle burn that she’s going to direct the next Ishtar.

UPDATE: ….and here’s a rejoinder to Baldwin’s claims from “sources close to the situation,” according to Deadline: Baldwin’s comments have been called “total nonsense.” Well, that’s not exactly fair, considering the bar for total nonsense was already established earlier this week.