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Update: A Virginia Tech student asked Nirvana to record her school's homecoming message, and "Nirvana" replied

Almost 20 years later, some people still aren’t really over (or sure of) the death of Kurt Cobain. Sub Pop, Nirvana’s onetime label, posted a letter it just received to its Tumblr. In it, a candidate for Virginia Tech’s homecoming queen requests that the band please send her “a quick video” “that we could include in our video collage.” Nirvana would only have to reconstitute and reanimate Cobain’s ashes, then pose for a quick iPhone video (which are “actually great quality”) saying, “What’s up, Virginia Tech? This is Nirvana! Just wanted to wish you guys a Happy Homecoming Week and good luck at the game this Saturday. LETS GO HOKIES!” That video would then be widely distributed to the school’s more than 30,000 students, along with messages from other illustrious, alive acts like Big N Rich, The Cataracs, The Ying Yang Twins, and Slightly Stoopid.

Sub Pop blacked out the name of the letter writer, but she is, apparently, the school’s mascot. The label also didn’t explicitly identify the letter writer as a girl, but given that the note was sent on multicolored paper with bunnies and flowers at the bottom, we’re going to go ahead and assume away. Now we wait for the Nirvana-loving Internet to unmask and shame her, and then this silly mistake will be digitally stuck to her name forever. Fun!


Sub Pop says that it's obliging the request and, with the help of some costumes, will be posting a video response in the near future.

Update: Sub Pop has posted the video it made for this poor, poor soul, and oh my, it's sad. Even sadder is her ecstatic response to getting the texted clip, which clearly features a girl in some sort of snowman hat,  a guy (Mark Arm) who's so not Kurt Cobain miming playing a guitar, and the use of the phrase "hoagies" in lieu of VT's beloved Hokies. This poor girl. Maybe she's slow.


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