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Upcoming New Order album will feature Brandon Flowers and Iggy Pop

Despite the loss of bassist Peter Hook in a years-long flurry of infighting and melodrama, New Order will soldier on with a new album, Music Complete, due for release September 25 via Mute Records. Today it was announced that the set will include guest appearances from Brandon Flowers of The Killers—whose band is actually named after the fake band in a New Order video—and Iggy Pop, whose leathery torso joined the band recently for a live rendition of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” No songs from Music Complete have made it out into the world yet, though the band has released a series of teaser-trailers that reveal basically nothing. Here’s hoping the band will return to entire albums’ worth of good songs, rather than carrying on the “great single surrounded by not much else” that’s been in effect since 2001 or so.

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