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Upcoming Lego set makes the Simpsons look completely stoned for some reason

A poster on a Lego fan message board has leaked photos of upcoming Simpsons Legos—or, to use the official nomenclature, Simpsons-themed Lego-brand interlocking plastic enjoyments. At the Eurobricks Forums, user Carlos S posted a photo of the box for a Lego version of the Simpsons’ home. The set contains more than 2,500 pieces, complete with adorable figurine versions of the family that make everyone but Maggie and Flanders look like they’re stoned. Carlos S may be a mere “Vassal” in the strict feudalist hierarchy of the Eurobricks board, but the elite “Grand Dukes” and “Knights” of the site believe that the photo is legit: “My pants are wet,” remarked Eurobricks Grand Duke just2good, both expressing his excitement and summoning a manservant to freshen his trousers.


Carlos S later followed up with another shot that shows the fold-out interior of the home more clearly. (Both these links come to us by way of Gizmodo.) The Lego designers have taken some inevitable liberties—most notably, the paint job of the house’s interior is less garish in the interlocking-plastic-enjoyment version. Even in these blurry photos, though, you can make out plenty of thoughtful details, right down to the texture on the chimney. At 2,500 pieces, this set isn’t going to be cheap—Eurobricks users note that comparable sets go for around $250 to $300—but perhaps the price will be worth it to have Maggie perch on the front step of your own 742 Evergreen Terrace, apparently grasping her Uzi and waiting for that baby with the one eyebrow.

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